Thai-Style Chicken (Kai Yang)

Thai-Style Chicken (Kai Yang)

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1 Whole Chicken

This is an ode to our head chef Stuart's father- in-law Virach , originally from Bangkok, who’s been working very hard recently as a geriatric consultant.

Spatchcock chicken marinated in garlic, turmeric, coriander, white pepper and fish sauce and grilled over charcoal. To be served with a tamarind sauce and crisp green salad.

Cooking Instructions

Place the chicken legs (and 5 minutes later the breast) in an oven which is pre-heated to 160 degrees celsius (without the foil) for approximately up to 30 minutes or until chicken is heated through.

Note: chicken comes pre-cooked so only needs to be re-heated.

Allergen Information

  • Fish
  • Crustacean
  • Alliums